Hissiane Terms of Service

  • Hissiane is an online service, allowing you to share things you’ve found, or created.
  • We use cookies to track your preferences (sorting, view, ect) and our advertisers use cookies to help them targt ads.
  • If you are submitting YOUR original work: You can remove it from the Hissiane ecosystem at any time. It’s yours after all.
  • If you are submitting things you’ve found: You are stating that you have permission to post this material online, and you are giving Hissiane permission to show this image independently of your account.
  • We respect copyright, and remove copyrighted materials as soon as we are notified of them.
  • You agree to not sue Hissiane. We aren’t a big corporation anyways, just a dude typing a lot.
  • To keep our database light, we sometimes purge old, inactive things. Accounts not used for 2+ years with no activity are at risk of being removed.